Romanian Expertise Database (R.E.D.) - mapping Romania's experience of democratic transformation and reform

GlobalFocus Center has launched an open, integrated database of Romanian reform and development expertise. The roster brings together the best individual experts, NGOs, private companies and state institutions with proven track-record of project design and implementation in ten major reform areas (from good governance to equal rights, from security or national minorities to child protection reform).

The database is a one-stop shop for partners who are either going through similar processes or driving reforms in the EU neighbourhood, MENA and beyond. We aim to facilitate exchanges and contacts and increase Romanian experts’ participation in international projects.

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Who we are

GlobalFocus is an independent international studies centre and think tank which produces in-depth research and high quality analysis on foreign policy, European Affairs, good governance, security and development.

Romanian Expertise Database

The Romanian Expertise Database is an interactive tool that allows you to explore and harness Romania’s expertise in democratisation.

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