Security, Development and Reform

During the past month, GlobalFocus Center has launched two ambitious international initiatives, the result of year-long research and community-building efforts.

Many countries around the world are on the path of development and reform. One of our main projects aims at identifying and matching the transition and reform needs of those states with existing expertise providers in Romania.

Propaganda, disinformation and illicit influence are increasingly being used by state and non-state actors to destabilise states and societies. An international seminar held in Bucharest has discussed building resilience and response, based on research by our multidisciplinary team into the permeability of regional countries to information war and malign influence.


GlobalFocus Center is an independent international studies think tank which produces in-depth research and high quality analysis on foreign policy, security, European affairs, good governance and development.

Our purpose is to advance expertise by functioning as a platform for cooperation and dialogue among individual experts, NGOs, think-tanks and public institutions from Romania and foreign partners.

Our current flagship projects focus on the transfer of reform and transformation experience; strategic communications and countering hybrid threats; fostering regional security and contributing to the reflection process of EU reform and preparations for Romania’s 2019 EU Council Presidency.


Romania is defined by its strategic position as an outpost of the EU and NATO at the crossroads of divergent geopolitical interests. Following two decades of internal reforms aimed at integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions and consolidation of its membership status, Romania’s foreign policy has taken a more active regional and European turn.

Our mission is to build the capacity of the Romanian expert community, public institutions and academia to rise to the challenges of the complex international environment which impacts Romania’s development and to make a constructive contribution to solving the foreign policy, security and development dilemmas facing us today.  

What we want:

  • To strengthen Romania’s role in its region and at international level, by establishing and facilitating cooperation between Romanian experts and institutions and their counterparts in the EU and globally
  • To create an active platform of cooperation between different actors and within different formats
  • To promote best practices and pass on Romania’s lessons learned related to transition reforms and sustainable development
  • To advance research and analysis of new security challenges, with a solutions-oriented approach
  • To offer a view from the region and from the particular Romanian context (which often has significant differences from both that of immediate neighbours and Western partners) in relation to issues at the top of the current international agenda


Our work is policy-oriented as we aim to provide decision-makers and leaders in the public and private sectors with the best options to deal with current global challenges.

Our experts are distinguished professionals with a stellar record in their field. We have a core research and management team and work on project basis with a number of other close collaborators from multiple professional backgrounds: foreign policy, security and intelligence experts, sociologists, political analysts and consultants, economists, journalists and communicators, development professionals etc.

Our partners are renown institutions in Romania and abroad, from the German Marshall Fund, to the UNDP, British Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, top think-tanks and private companies.

We divide our activities across five main programmes/ research fields. Click on each headline below to find more information about our work:

  1. Development and reform
  2. Transatlantic cooperation and security
  3. EU neighbourhood (and beyond) / Partnership
  4. Global approaches and trends
  5. Romania’s investment potential abroad

We are always looking to expand our network of partners and collaborators, as well as interns and volunteers. If you wish to find out more about our work or join us, simply send your contact details through the contact form in our “Join us” section.


As a platform of cooperation and aggregate knowledge, we are constantly seeking to expand our network of partners and collaborators. Whether you are an experienced researcher interested in our work, or a student looking to specialise in one of our research fields, please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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