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June 13th, 2014 – October 31st, 2014| International

Location: Kosovo

In order to promote economic cooperation and business opportunities – in a nation-building with a post-conflict reconstruction context – we organized the visit of Romanian business delegation in Kosovo on 21st – 24th July. The event was financed by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society.

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The need for a Romanian policy update with regard to the Western Balkans – The case of Kosovo


By Rufin Zamfir

June 2014

In the context of an increasingly unstable Eastern neighbourhood, marked by Crimea’s annexation by Russia, the ensuing conflict in Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s failure in moving beyond the Dayton Agreement and consolidating  as a state, the role of Romania (as outline also in the conclusion of the NATO Summit in Wales) is becoming extremely important.

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Iraq, a Victim of the Fight for Regional Domination Between Iran and Saudi Arabia


By Oana Popescu

June 2014


This time it is not (just) the Americans to blame. Iraq’s fate is decided in Tehran and Riyadh, not in Baghdad, nor in Washington. Middle East is today the stage for a war on regional domination between Iran and Saudi Arabia, carried out through intermediates. The theaters of this war are specifically Iraq and Syria.