Democratic Resilience Index

GlobalFocus Center launches the Democratic Resilience Index, the first quantitative instrument specifically designed to measure democratic resilience, elaborated for the European Commission and the German Marshall Fund, with pilot results in Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova.


In this paper, GlobalFocus Center fellow Ovidiu Raețchi reframes the intriguing relationship recently developed between traditional regional adversaries Russia and Turkey as one of competitive cooperation. Make no mistake, he argues: the element of competition remains; the presidential choreographies, however, point to an informal agreement at the highest level, between Putin and Erdogan, to avoid any serious deterioration of relations, each of them considering that one has more to lose if he makes the other vulnerable and obtains geopolitical gains at the other’s expense.

Ovidiu Raețchi is an expert on Middle Eastern politics and history and a former vice-chair of the Committee on Defence, Public Order and National Security of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Parliament.

Alliance for Healthy Infosphere

The digitalisation of political campaigning has rapidly transformed the democratic political processes. Online political advertising has not only opened up new possibilities for democratic dialogue and creative engagement, but it has also become a relatively cheap and easy way of amplifying information manipulation.