Russia and Turkey: Enemies with benefits. An unexpected duopoly for the Caucasus and the Middle East

Dimitar Bechev (Atlantic Council, Oxford Analytica) & Suat Kiniklioglu (SWP) discuss a new paper by Ovidiu Raețchi (former vice-chair of the Defence Committee in the Romanian Parliament Chamber of Deputies), which reframes Turkey’s relationship with Russia in a logic of competitive cooperation, assessing its impact on the wider Black Sea security ecosystem

Actualising natural convergences between India and Central Europe

With the coronavirus pandemic revealing the indisposed nature of the erstwhile stewards of the world order, middle powers are set to emerge as key determinants of the future of liberal economic interdependence. Undergirded with shared values and congruent economic systems, India and Central Europe hone a considerable degree of natural convergences.

GlobalFocus Center Executive Director moderates session on hybrid threats at #NATOEngages

GlobalFocus Center will share its knowledge on hybrid threats at the prime NATO event of the year next Tuesday, December 3.

Our Executive Director Oana Popescu Zamfir will moderate “The Battle for Your Mind” session within #NATOEngages, the flagship expert conference on the eve of this year’s NATO Summit.

GlobalFocus Center, partner for 2019 #NATOEngages conference

Rounding off NATO’s 70th anniversary year, heads of governments will convene in London on December 4, 2019 to examine how the Euro-Atlantic Alliance adapts and maintains security for its Allies in a rapidly changing world.

GlobalFocus Center partnered with the Atlantic Council, GLOBSEC, King’s College London, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) London and the Munich Security Conference for this year’s #NATOEngages, a special “Town Hall” event on December 3, the eve of the summit. The debates will set the scene and facilitate a broader conversation by bringing together policymakers and officials with other institutions such as think tanks and universities, as well as the public.

GlobalFocus experts host debates on international trends at festival in Rasnov, Transylvania

GlobalFocus Center hosted a series of debates and workshops on international affairs at the 10th edition of the Festival of Film and Histories in Rasnov, Romania, July 24-25, 2019.

„We have tried to approach topics that have proved over the past few years to be polarising and generate divisions and radical opinions in European societies, including our own in Romania,” GlobalFocus Executive Director Oana Popescu-Zamfir said.