Vacation Is Over


By Oana Popescu

January 2016

Aspen Institute

Romania did indeed take a long vacation after its 2007 EU accession. A process, which literally absorbed the whole creative and executive energy of the country at political, administrative, and social level, the EU/NATO integration was a monumental endeavor and THE national project for at least a generation.

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What to Pay Attention to in 2016 apart from Economic Trends


By Rufin Zamfir

January 2016


GlobalFocus presents (a highly compressed version of) its analysis on geopolitical and geostrategic developments in the world. Far from us the intention to submerge into an exhaustive endeavour: the predictions collected below are based on the conclusions deriving from GlobalFocus activities throughout the past year, to which we add adjustments deriving from our – internal as well as external – collaborations with experts.