Development and Reform


Many countries around the world are on the path of development and reform. One of our main projects aims at identifying and matching the know-how needs of those states with the expertise of specialists, NGOs, public institutions and private companies in Romania.

Transatlantic Cooperation and Security


Transatlantic Cooperation and Security Programme aims to strengthen Euro-Atlantic ties against a background of global powershifts and changes in the geopolitical and security environment; increase the pro-active role of new NATO member states in consolidating and redefining NATO’s role and mission.

Global Risk and Change


The world is increasingly interconnected. The level of uncertainty grows in direct relation to the number of challenges, rising and declining power centres, emerging threats and opportunities. We follow and interpret the global evolutions that are shaping our future and translate their significance to decision-makers and businesses.

European Neighborhood (and beyond)


The European Neighborhood program is about sharing Romania’s experience and know-how in EU/NATO-related reforms with other EU and NATO partners and aspiring partners. Through this program we want to strengthen international cooperation aimed on development and stability: minority rights, ethnic reconciliation, security sector reform, judiciary system reform,

European Commission Press Release: 2016 Enlargement Package: credible enlargement process key to driving transformation and anchoring stability in Southeast Europe


The European Commission adopted today its annual Enlargement Package. It assesses where the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey stand in implementing key political and economic reforms, and what needs to be done to address the remaining challenges. Among other things, the Commission recommends that Member States consider opening accession negotiations with Albania. This is, however, strictly subject to credible and tangible progress in the implementation of the judicial reform, in particular the re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors (“vetting”)

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