Eastern Focus Issue 01 Spring 2019


EasternFocus is an international affairs magazine focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Western Balkans, which aims to bring Romanian and regional perspectives onto matters that define the world of today, and facilitate the integration of themes and voices from the region into the international circuit of ideas and debates that matter. The themes covered include foreign affairs, regional dynamics, politics, economy, business and trade, society, art and culture, technology and innovation, media, communication and creative spaces.

This first issue makes its debut with a dossier on Elections and Malign Interference. The authors, Sir Julian King, European Commissioner for the Security Union, Ann Mettler, head of EPSC (Brussels), Nikola Dimitrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia, Dimitar Bechev and Jasmin Mujanović (North Carolina), Doru Frănțescu (VoteWatch Europe, Brussels), Dani Sandu (EUI Florence), Claudia Ciobanu (Warsaw), Codru Vrabie and Bogdan Dima (Bucharest), Andrej Matišák (Pravda, Bratislava), Ana-Maria Luca (Bucharest), Martin Ehl (Prague), Iulia Joja (Berlin), Elbridge Colby (Washington, DC) explore the problem, attempt to explain some of its causes, reveal some of the nuances and, at a minimum, offer some food for thought with regard to future prospects.

We also look at the love lost between the Western Balkans and the EU, growing Chinese and Russian influence in our region and the return to great power competition.

Download issue here: Eastern Focus Issue 01 Spring 2019