Development and Reform

Many countries around the world are on the path of development and reform. One of our main projects aims at identifying and matching the know-how needs of those states with the expertise of specialists, NGOs, public institutions and private companies in Romania.

We do this in cooperation with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Regional UNDP Centre for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but also, on a case by case basis, with other government institutions, NGOs and international organisations or charities.

Our flagship project is the Romanian Expertise Database/ R.E.D., which maps out existing reform and transformation expertise in Romania, gathered in the course of almost three decades of democratic transition and seeks to share it with other states undergoing similar processes. It also aims to place at the disposal of major drivers of development and transformation (international financial institutions/ IMIs, states and international organisations or foundations) highly skilled and experienced human resources, who have themselves lived the change and internalised its lessons.

We also develop thematic seminars, workshops, videoconferences and webinars, in Romania and abroad, as well as visits for investors and businesses, to facilitate the exchange of views and experience among experts in Romania, its neighbouring region and other countries.