Transatlantic Cooperation and Security

Transatlantic Cooperation and Security Programme aims to strengthen Euro-Atlantic ties against a background of global powershifts and changes in the geopolitical and security environment; increase the pro-active role of new NATO member states in consolidating and redefining NATO’s role and mission.

Regional security has taken on a dimension of significance unprecedented since Romania’s NATO accession. We aim to monitor and analyse the ever-changing security environment and contribute to the understanding of the needs and requirements of improved territorial defence and regional stability.

The Black Sea and implementation of Wales and Warsaw summits decisions, the security situation in Ukraine and Moldova are in special focus. The Three Seas Initiative, NATO PfP and joint exercises also receive particular attention.

We believe US-EU relations are vital to the stability and prosperity of both the region and the wider transatlantic space. Though under strain in recent years, they have a solid foundation of shared values and goals, and in our projects we work toward the consolidation of this foundation at every level: government to government, intergovernmental, social, economic and cultural.