Global Risk and Change

The world is increasingly interconnected. The level of uncertainty grows in direct relation to the number of challenges, rising and declining power centres, emerging threats and opportunities. We follow and interpret the global evolutions that are shaping our future and translate their significance to decision-makers and businesses.We aim to and to cooperate in finding solid and efficient solutions. But before taking actions it is important to understand the underlying causes of these events and make them available for the public.

In order to make global trends visible for the public we opened a partnership with Foreign Policy Romania and Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for publication of thematic supplements to FP – What Can Romania Do In The World? Bilingual special edition for the Annual Romanian Diplomacy Gathering 2013; After Vilnius, Back to the Balkans; How to Grow Romanian Investment Abroad.

The key global actors embrace foreign policies that can have great impact on the rest of the world. Our presence in the Governance Talks Conference – America and the World: Understanding Impulses of American Foreign Policy (panel on American foreign policy, Ukraine and regional evolutions) helped in observing the role of leading actors in establishing a world standard.

Global trends can outline a wide panel of issues from geopolitical instability to terrorism, from climate change to expansion of technology, from emerging markets to depopulation etc. and our goal is to encourage national actions.  Therefore, Global Focus together with ARCADIA (Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development) organized a public debate on Refugee Crisis – internal challenges and foreign policy implications. This project is part of the national working plan for the European Year for Development 2015.

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