GlobalFocus Center Executive Director moderates session on hybrid threats at #NATOEngages

GlobalFocus Center will share its knowledge on hybrid threats at the prime NATO event of the year next Tuesday, December 3.

Our Executive Director Oana Popescu Zamfir will moderate “The Battle for Your Mind” session within #NATOEngages, the flagship expert conference on the eve of this year’s NATO Summit.

GlobalFocus Center has partnered with the Atlantic Council, GLOBSEC, the Royal United Services Institute, Kings College London and the Munich Security Conference in organizing the conference.

The session “The Battle for Your Mind” will bring together Rand Waltzman, Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Senior Information Scientist, Rand Corporation and Carl Miller, Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos.

They will debate with the audience how disinformation and interference are being used as renewed tools of statecraft, amplifying divisive narratives to undermine trust in public institutions, exploiting existing societal cleavages and feeding on small pockets of distrust and discontent.

GlobalFocus Center’s expertise in countering malign interference has received international acclaim.  The center has published two comprehensive studies under its Asymmetric Threats Programme – “Propaganda Made to Measure: Dimensions of Risk and Resilience in the Western Balkans” and “Propaganda Made to Measure: How Our Vulnerabilities Facilitate Russian Influence”. It also organized numerous high-level events debating vulnerabilities to disinformation and malign influence.