Digital Europeanisation in North Macedonia: slowly moving forward

Policy Recommendations

  1. Explain the benefits of digitalisation and the digital access to public services to citizens, in particular to the older generations.
  2. Convince reluctant institutions of the benefits of being a part of the digital system and offering digital services.
  3. Establish an Agency for Digitalisation and Registers and an institution tasked with cyber-security in the public administration.

Yes, EUtopia is possible!

“Europe will be forged in crisis, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises”

Jean Monnet, founding father of the European project

While the war is raging in Ukraine, we might not even recognize what a paradoxical gift we hold in our hands, which is to live in peace. New security risks for Europe as a whole, but especially for fragile regions such as the Western Balkans, have brought the area back into international spotlight and given it a renewed chance to leave conflicts and frictions behind, thus moving towards a common European future.

Kosovo: ending isolation

Policy Recommendations

  1. The EU member states should be coherent in their attitudes regarding the visa liberalisation of Kosovo.
  2. Kosovo should engage in a bilateral level with sceptic EU member states and work on convincing those who hesitate to provide support for the country in this matter.
  3. Kosovo’s visa liberalisation process, still pending in the Council of the European Union, should be treated as a matter of urgency.