Eastern Focus Call For Contributions: The World After Tomorrow

Eastern Focus digital quarterly is launching a call for contributions to its fourth issue, dedicated to exploring The World After Tomorrow (i.e. how will the world change after COVID-19?) from a regional perspective. The whole issue will be framed around disruption/disruptive glocal trends (political, economical, geopolitical) and aims to anticipate the parameters of the post-pandemic new normal and their impact on the broader region. Articles that are focused on the structural trends with a long-term impact are prioritised.

Launched last year, Eastern Focus is a project powered by the GlobalFocus Center, an independent foreign policy and strategic analysis think- tank based in Bucharest, Romania, and operating regionally and globally. This English-language digital quarterly brings Romanian and regional perspectives on matters that define the world of today, and facilitates the integration of themes and voices from the region into the international circuit of ideas and debates that matter. The magazine is delivered directly to the inboxes of thinkers, doers, influencers and decision-makers across the transatlantic space and beyond and is also accessible online.

The following themes are suggested (but not limited to) as possible research areas/lines of inquiry:

  • changing geopolitical balance/ great power competition;
  • resilience of Europe/EU/the West;
  • resilience of liberal democracies – will illiberal forces win? are we on the verge of institutionalising a surveillance/Orwellian state?
  • battle for narratives in times of infodemic;
  • rethinking existing political-economic models/paradigms – role of state/strategic industries;
  • end of globalisation – the start of deglobalisation?
  • return of the nation-state/ nationalism empowered – the world as a self–help system?
  • social movements, social trends, social upheaval;
  • freedom of movement – has it changed for good? are we going back to borders within the EU?
  • consequences on work (in)security, universal minimum income, safety nets, inequality;
  • labour market in a new ecosystem shaped by teleworking and flexicurity;
  • education – has e-learning made a decisive breakthrough?
  • healthcare – will the sector rise to prominence on the global political agenda?
  • science and religion – renaissance or fervour?

Potential contributors are invited to submit a tentative title and a very short abstract (2-3 paragraphs) describing how they would wish to structure their articles.

Contributions are remunerated.

We also encourage contributions from young researchers who seek to gain publishing experience.

Deadline for proposals: May 20. The deadline for full-text submissions for the upcoming volume is June 30.

Contributions usually fall in one of two categories: analysis pieces /op-eds, generally between 1,500-2,000 words, and longer, in-depth research articles (up to 4,000 words). The articles will be published in the Eastern Focus quarterly and on the Eastern Focus website (in real time.)

Language: English/Romanian

For pitches and inquiries contact our editors:

Octavian Manea, editor: octavian.manea@global-focus.eu

Ana Maria Luca, editor: ana-maria.luca@global-focus.eu