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Proiectul Trolls

Rezumat pentru România

Propaganda pro-Kremlin pe Facebook se manifestă și prin comentarii identice puse de un număr limitat de utilizatori („troli”). O primă cercetare a Political Capital (Ungaria) și a partenerilor săi a dezvăluit existența unor „rețele de troli online potențial coordonate” în țările V4 imediat după începerea invaziei.

GLOBSEC Vulnerability Index 2021

Romania scores higher than other regional countries in terms of resilience to foreign interference, mainly thanks to its firm pro-Western orientation. The country’s primary vulnerabilities remain internal: elite capture by groups of interests that influence the political and social agenda, media ownership by corrupt businessmen and politicians, a drift toward social conservatism, etc. align with the interests of Moscow and Beijing to weaken the Euro-Atlantic alliance and create potential opportunities for malign influence.

GlobalFocus Center and its regional partner Globsec have published the Vulnerability Index, an analysis of eight countries in Central-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia), with scores ranging from 0 (most resilient), to 100 (least resilient). Romania scores 29, equal to Czechia, whereas Serbia scores highest (55), closely followed by Hungary and Montenegro (44).