Poland Transformed


May 28th, 2014 | International

Location: Warsaw

Participation in conference “Poland Transformed” who’s focused was on the role of business in Poland transformation. The event hosted business leaders, opinion formers and jounalists.

Human Rights in Burma


May 2014 | National

Location: Bucharest

We engaged in a public disscution with Free Burma Rangers, a humanitarian relief organization supporting human rights in Burma, in partnership with One World Romania.

Volume 7 fundamental themes for România


May 2014 | National

Location: RAO Books, Bucharest

A collection of articles were launched under the name of 7 fundamental themes for Romania, a volum that contains strategic directions for Romania. Our contribution consisted in publishing the paperwork named The anonymous revolutions around the world. The event was held by Romania Club.

Governance Talks


May 2014 | International

Location: Hudson Institute, Washington D.C.

One of the conference’s topic was about America and the World: Understanding Impulses of American Foreign Policy with a panel on American foreign policy, Ukraine and regional evolutions. We participated together with the Council of Foreign Relations and Munich Security Conference’s guests. The event was financed by Hudson Institute, Gerd Bucerius, Die Zeit Stiftung.

Program: http://www.hudson.org/events/1154-governance-talks52014

Think Romania Network


October 2013 | International

Location: Washington DC

Our participation in Think Romania Network aimed to identify accomplishments and lessons learnt from building the rule of law in Romania. The event was organized by CEPA (Center for European Policy Analysis).