Assessing StratCom Structures and Capabilities in Romania in the context of the war in Ukraine

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has opened a new front for disinformation and propaganda, to which Romania, both an EU and NATO member, has not been immune. The spread of anti-EU and anti-West narratives, typically in line with the Kremlin’s agenda, or even openly pro-Kremlin, has been a part of the Romanian public discourse and media landscape for years.

Unlike other countries in the region, most of the Romanian citizens do not harbour sympathy towards Russia but rather fear. In fact, according to several IRES polls, since the beginning of the war 60-70% of Romanians have been preoccupied with the extension of the war on Romanian territory. 

This has created a problem for pro-Russian politicians and influencers, as open support for Russia would alienate most citizens, including some in their core nationalist far-right constituency. 

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