Is Romania ready to combat disinformation and communicate effectively?

GlobalFocus Center has undertaken a series of interviews with relevant experts, including representatives of state institutions, politicians and independent experts in order to determine the state of government and civil society preparedness to identify and counter information manipulation and malign influence, gaps in preparedness and􀀃knowledge, and based on that, to recommend courses of action. Based on these interviews and further research we have reached the conclusions outlined below.

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The resilience of systems of government against populists’ autocratic legalism

By Bogdan Dima | Bucharest
The present article is built on two core assumptions.

The first is that populism refers to a specific understanding of political power which tends to be similar across liberal democracies around the world. If we reduce this concept to its essence, it reveals an anti-pluralist political ideology favouring the concentration of political power in the hands of a political leader or political party which wins free elections, be they presidential or parliamentary.