GlobalFocus experts host debates on international trends at festival in Rasnov, Transylvania

GlobalFocus Center hosted a series of debates and workshops on international affairs at the 10th edition of the Festival of Film and Histories in Rasnov, Romania, July 24-25, 2019.

„We have tried to approach topics that have proved over the past few years to be polarising and generate divisions and radical opinions in European societies, including our own in Romania,” GlobalFocus Executive Director Oana Popescu-Zamfir said.

Propaganda Made to Measure: Dimensions of Risk and Resilience in the Western Balkans

A Study of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia

The second part of our ‘Propaganda Made to Measure’ project was developed by GlobalFocus Center under its Asymmetric Threats Programme as a continuation of its regional efforts to enhance awareness of malign interference and to offer policy-makers and other interested stakeholders an innovative, practical assessment instrument, which can be easily replicated and used proactively in the process of evidence-based resilience-building.

The publication on Risk and Resilience in the Western Balkans maps out vulnerabilities to malign interference in the region. A study funded by the Balkan Trust for Democracy of the German Marshall Fund.

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To play with China might be dangerous for Central Europe

By Martin Ehl | Prague

There was a pre-Christmas news storm in the Czech Republic last year. The Czech cyber- defence agency (NUKIB) published a warning to the state administration that hardware provided by the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE could pose a potential danger to national security. Immediately thereafter a clash broke out among Czech politicians, between those who share a similar opinion about China and those who support a closer relationship with the Chinese regime.