Security? Liberty?The costs and limitations of mass surveillance


By Rufin Zamfir

May 2015

This year is of great importance for the evaluation of cyber security role within the global fight against terrorism. Nearly 15 years after Patriot Act and the inception of a new era for the surveillance of electronic communications by mass-collecting the traces this type of communication leaves in the cyberspace, it is mandatory to assess the efficiency of this surveillance method, the benefits it brings for global security environment and the unwanted effects it has over individual liberties.

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The need for a Romanian policy update with regard to the Western Balkans – The case of Kosovo


By Rufin Zamfir

June 2014

In the context of an increasingly unstable Eastern neighbourhood, marked by Crimea’s annexation by Russia, the ensuing conflict in Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s failure in moving beyond the Dayton Agreement and consolidating  as a state, the role of Romania (as outline also in the conclusion of the NATO Summit in Wales) is becoming extremely important.

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The anonymous revolutions around the world.


By Oana Popescu

May 2014

Club Romania

Oana Popescu’s paper, “The anonymous revolutions around the world”, is part of an open collaborative project gathering the works of 59 contemporary authors and leaders from a broad array of fields. Under the title “7 fundamental themes for Romania”, the volume is the first of its kind in Romania.

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Central Europe Feeling Marginal


By Oana Popescu

June 2013


Central-Eastern Europe has been feeling the earth slipping beneath its feet, as it has been losing precisely these cherished boons. Instead, it has found itself sandwiched between an increasingly aggressive Russia, an EU in crisis and growing disunity, a more stand-offish and disengaged United States and now a more and more unstable and unpredictable vicinity.

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Do Not (Always) Fear When Democracy Takes to the Streets


By Oana Popescu

January 2013

Aspen Institute

The recent political developments in Romania could be a lesson in the dynamics of EU democracy at a time when the EU is struggling with new nationalisms and democratic deficit—if the EU is not too busy with eurozone stability, to the detriment of quality of governance.